Tesla BioHealing – The #1 best way to increase life force energy at home

Some days we feel down in the dumps, with little energy or motivation. These sensations are our bodies’ method of informing us that we require more energy.  We require increase life force energy!

When it’s full and drained, life force is that tiny thing inside of us that continues pushing us ahead, but when it’s empty and depleted, it’s that massive thing that holds us back.

Maintaining a healthy life force isn’t always easy.

What is Life Force Energy?

All living things have natural life force energy flowing through them. It nourishes and supports our bodies, and it may be utilized to promote and enhance the body’s inherent ability to repair itself. This can help you heal faster from sickness or accident. Life force energy may be used to increase our physical vitality and energy levels, as well as to support and heal us emotionally and psychologically.

Chi in China, ki in Japan, and prana in India are all terms for life force energy. Universal energy is another name for it.Internal energy pathways exist in the human body, and we all have life force energy flowing through them. (See image above.) However, the normal person’s energy channels are partially obstructed, and the passage of life force energy via them is not powerful enough to be felt. As a result, the majority of individuals are unaware of this energy and are unable to employ it consciously.

Natural healing solutions for working with life force energy have been created. Reiki is one of the most well-known of these systems. Mikao Usui invented Reiki, a hands-on natural healing approach, in Japan in the 1920s.

What is Tesla BioHealing?

Tesla BioHealing is a data-driven, natural, safe, and extremely effective health solution. Based on Nikola Tesla’s original discovery of “harnessing nature’s forces to the service of mankind”,Tesla BioHealing provides ground-breaking FDA-registered OTC medicinal devices that create a pure Life Force Energy field. When the body has a sufficient supply of this important power of nature, the cells may absorb what is required to achieve a high enough energy potential within the cell to activate cellular self-repair. Tesla BioHealing understands that the body’s innate intelligence for healing goes well beyond what medical science has yet to completely appreciate.

Rather than sending any programmable energy or vibration frequencies through the body, Tesla BioHealing simply creates a concentrated and very potent environment of pure Life Force Energy that the body’s cells can use at will and as needed, allowing the body’s innate healing capacities to be fully supported and renewed.

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The benefits of life force energy by Tesla BioHealing

Scientific research have revealed, among other things, the following benefits of Life Force Energy:

  • Directly recharging the energy status of all body cells, allowing the cells to engage their own self-repair processes.
  • Increasing the pace of cellular repair while lowering or even stopping the rate of cellular destruction
  • Increasing cell millivolt levels from as low as 15 millivolts to the recommended healthy range of 70-90 millivolts.
  • Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels can be naturally increased. ATP is the energy-carrying molecule of the cell, which is found in all forms of life.
  • Facilitating DNA synthesis and spontaneous stem cell production
  • Increasing cell resistance to potentially damaging environmental elements such as man-made electromagnetic frequencies and radiation.
  • Harmonizing the brain’s hemispheres and serving as a natural antidepressant
  • Creating a natural sensation of calm and boosting sleep quality
  • Increasing libido and increasing sexual health, including fertility.
  • Improving cell wall permeability, hence increasing nutrient absorption and the body’s natural detoxifying processes.
  • Improving cognitive function and mental clarity.
  • Bringing blood pressure and blood sugar levels back to normal.
  • Increasing circulation and lowering inflammation, enabling oxygen delivery and offering significant pain relief.
  • Increasing the energy of the hydrogen bonds that link DNA together, which strengthens the immune system and protects it from harm.
  • Energizes the body naturally by immediately boosting cellular energy, decreasing weariness and enhancing strength and vitality.
The best way to increase life force energy

The benefits of life force energy

Best Practices To Increase Life Force Energy For Using Tesla BioHealing Technology

Based on their input, these are the important recommended practices for getting the most out of your Tesla BioHealer or Tesla MedBed Generators:

Select the Best Device(s) for You

  • Tesla BioHealers are portable machines that may be used day or night and are suitable for mild to severe chronic diseases. BioHealers are available for people, children, and even pets!
  • Tesla MedBed Generators are 100x more powerful than Tesla BioHealers, providing the greatest cellular assistance for patients with chronic severe diseases or anybody looking to support their system for more expedited and profound healing benefits.
  • The Device Use Recommendation Table gives recommendations based on the severity of symptoms, and you are always welcome to contact us for a free consultation.

Place your device(s) in the Recommended Position for the Amount of Time

Tesla BioHealers, whether for adults, children, or pets, provide the best benefits when positioned within 3 feet of the user, and the closer the location to the damaged part of the body, the better. For people new to Life Force Energy or those who are naturally more sensitive to energy, starting with 6 feet away from the body may be advantageous before bringing the device(s) closer. The closer the gadget is to the damaged location, however, the stronger the Life Force Energy field, which aids in triggering greater cellular support and cellular self-repair.

Tesla MedBed Generators are designed to be installed beneath your bedframe in order to convert your bed into a Tesla MedBed! Simply set these potent medicinal gadgets on the floor beneath your bedframe, right beneath the part of your body that needs the most healing. For someone suffering from paralysis as a result of a stroke, for example, putting one unit immediately under the brain and one under the stroke-affected side of the body would be perfect. If you have more than two MedBed Generators, you may position two under the head and two on the stroke-affected side to further magnify the energy field, allowing for faster and more thorough cellular regeneration.

Continue to use and make adjustments as needed

The more Life Force Energy you can provide to your body throughout the course of your life, the better. Even if you start feeling better after utilizing the technology, we encourage that you keep using it to offer continual cellular support to your system.

Some people may notice that when they begin to feel better, they may not feel the energy created by their device as strongly as they did previously. This is due to your body’s general energy level reaching a new degree of well-being. Consider this phenomena in the same way that when your body is very dehydrated and in desperate need of water, drinking water results in a significant and noticeable improvement.Then, after well hydrated and drinking water, there may not be the same “wow” element as previously, but water is still necessary food for your body.

To boost the quantity of Life Force Energy available to your cells for self-repair, either move your devices closer to the damaged location for longer periods of time or use additional Tesla BioHealing devices to magnify the amount of Life Force Energy available to your system.

  • If you’re utilizing two Tesla BioHealers and want greater pain relief in certain locations, put the devices closer to the afflicted region for longer periods of time or use more BioHealers to target the pain points with even more Life Force Energy.
  • If you are utilizing 4 Tesla BioHealers and want to experience even more deep and expedited healing effects, you may want to investigate our MedBed Generators to offer the body with a far greater amount of Life Force Energy. Click here to learn more about our MedBed Upgrade program: Upgrade Program for MedBed Generators | Tesla BioHealing

Is Tesla BioHealing legit?

Tesla BioHealing medical devices have been shown to be an extremely effective and simple-to-use technology. The Life Force Energy field is created independently of any electrical, magnetic, or mechanically driven device, making the technology extremely safe, even for persons who have medical implants or use other types of home therapy. The gadget consistently generates Life Force Energy, and no energy depletion has been seen even after three years of operation. Over 100,000 people have used Tesla BioHealing technology to improve their health and have seen extraordinary outcomes.

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The best way to increase life force energy

How to increase life force energy naturally?10 BEST Tips

We’ve put up a list of ten behaviors you can develop to create more concentrated life force energy.

Visualization exercises

Visualizing mental images of what you want your body and surroundings to be can significantly boost your concentrated life force energy.

One of the most important aspects of creation is visualization. It’s not a secret formula. Instead, it is a technique for improving our ability to bring our ideas to life.

Spend some time in the great outdoors

Natural healing vibrations are very strong.

Scientists discovered that spending time in natural settings enhanced people’s immune system response, according to a research.

Take a few moments to sit with nature and feel the flow of energies.

It may appear fruitless at first, but elevating your prana life force energy levels is a simple yet powerful activity.

Additional advantages of spending time in nature include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Physical and emotional well-being
  • Relaxation and mental peace

Sleep better

A good night’s sleep is the simplest approach to increase life force energy. A good night’s sleep restores not just your physical vigor, but also your mental clarity and emotional vitality.

According to studies, the growth hormone is released throughout your body while you are sleeping deeply. After a hard day at work, the growth hormone is in charge of mending the tissues in your body. Nothing will give you greater energy in the morning than a good night’s sleep the night before.

To align oneself with nature’s cycle, go to bed before midnight and get up at daybreak.

Regular exercise

Exercising and moving around refreshes and energizes you. Morning exercise will give your day a much-needed jump start. Starting your day off on this positive note helps keep you inspired to do more throughout the day!

A sedentary lifestyle will undoubtedly make you feel tired and sluggish. According to research, moving more causes your heart to pump blood quicker. As a result of the enhanced blood circulation in your body, you will feel more active and energetic.

A bike ride, a swim, or perhaps a stroll in the park are all options.

If you don’t feel like working out, try some healthy, adventurous activities instead. Take a hike, do some yoga, enroll in a dancing class, or participate in your favorite sport. Above all, get your body moving while having fun! Grounding oneself in such physical activities can also help the flow of universal energy through your body and make you feel better in general.

Get your body moving. But be careful not to overdo it when it comes to boosting vitality! The importance of maintaining a sense of equilibrium cannot be overstated.

Use positive affirmations regularly

Through the power of thinking, we all attract either positive or bad experiences and sensations into our lives throughout our days. Our thinking patterns become habitual, and they influence our entire belief system and outer/inner realities.

Positive affirmations are similar to brain exercises. They rewire our cognitive processes and assist you in developing a new attitude. Pleasant energy enters our bodies when we greet everything that happens to us with positive thoughts and feelings. It immediately boosts your energy levels by doing so.

Good affirmations train your brain to focus on positive objectives and ideas over and over again.

Clean up your environment

The flow of energy around you has a significant impact on your life force energy. Clutter has a significant impact on how you feel about your home, office, and even yourself.

A cluttered bed, unclean clothing, or unorganized table might make you feel anxious and stressed. This condition might obstruct beneficial vibes and cause anxiety. Colors that are dark and drab might sometimes make you feel down.

You should maintain your home clean to increase life force energy. Use a brightly colored curtain or bed sheet to bring positive energy into your room. Clean and arrange your desk in a way that makes you feel pleased and at ease.

It’s just as vital to clear your head of negative ideas as it is to clear your house of clutter! Maintain a clean environment, and your subconscious mind will feel less busy as well.

Strengthen your emotions

The energy field surrounding you is influenced by your emotions. Keep an eye on how you’re feeling and what kind of energy you’re releasing into the cosmos. The type of energy you send out and take in is controlled by your consciousness. The frequencies you “send out” tend to attract similar vibrational energy. To put it another way, positive draws positivity, whereas negativity attracts negativity.

Sending good ideas into the cosmos with this in mind will result in positive energy returning to you. Show your affection towards those around you. Be thankful for what you do have. Small victories should be celebrated and cherished.

Make sure you stay away from folks that have terrible personal vibes.

Only positive entertainment

The noises and images you see have a significant influence on your life and your level of life force energy. Even if it is subconscious, everything you hear or see during the day has an influence on your mental process. You should be able to recollect all the wonderful things you exposed your senses to at the end of the day.

This is only achievable if you restrict or avoid “negative entertainment,” such as viewing movies or reading periodicals with negative content. Exposing oneself to bad or unpleasant events in the world will only make you feel even more sad and fatigued.

Read a joyful book, watch a happy movie, or sing along to a cheerful tune. Make certain that your source of amusement is enjoyable.

Chemotoxins should be avoided

Toxins are synthetic compounds that are found in a variety of goods. Toxins render things unfit for human consumption and injure the body. Keep an eye on the things you use on a regular basis. Not just in what you eat or drink, but in so much more!

Make-up, dryer sheets, and fragrances are examples. Toxins can also be found in common household products such as air fresheners, shampoos, and soaps. These items are designed to make us and the surroundings more beautiful. They, ironically, do not.

To improve universal energy flow within you, avoid such goods. Using items that are free of chemical poisons has a big positive effect on the energy that enters your body.Aside from choosing items based on their chemical makeup, choosing organic, cruelty-free, vegan products that do not test on animals is also suggested if you wish to improve your life force energy and raise your vibration.

Eat organic food

Energy enters your body through the things you consume, so keeping track of what you eat is essential. Yes, we’re talking about every meal and sip you consume!

Plants store the energy generated from the sun. This energy may enter your body and improve your life force energy if you eat fresh organic food.

Make it a habit to prepare your meals and be grateful for them. Fresh organic food combined with a pinch of thankfulness can quickly revitalize you. This ensures that your body receives energy from the cleanest source available: the sun.

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